What is the ILD of your rubber layers?

Sleeptek uses pure organic rubber from Sri Lanka. All rubber cores within a mattress can vary in firmness depending of the comfort level ordered. Our organic rubber cores as the follow ILD.

  • Soft 20-22
  • Medium 32-35
  • Firm 38-42

All rubber cores are tested for firmness multiple times throughout the manufacturing process to ensure consistency; this is part of Sleeptek’s on-going quality control systems to assure you get the right mattress.

What are vulcanizing agents? And do you add any to your rubber?

Our organic rubber cores are made using the purest method of production, the Dunlop process, which requires very minimal vulcanizing agents. The vulcanizing agent used in our organic rubber cores is zinc oxide, from 3-6% is added depending of the firmness of the core.

What other agents or chemicals are added to the rubber layers?

No other agents or chemicals are added to our organic rubber cores at any point.

Is your rubber Dunlop or Talalay? What’s the difference?

All of the organic rubber cores we purchase to manufacture our mattresses are made using the Dunlop process. It’s the most natural way of making rubber cores and guarantees a purer rubber. The Dunlop process occurs in the country of origin of the organic rubber, and doesn’t require as many stabilizers to transport the organic rubber sap to a different country. All rubber cores we purchase come with a 3rd party lab report to prove their purity. This report can be found under certifications.

Do your mattresses and toppers contain fire retardants?

Our mattresses and toppers do not contain any synthetic or toxic fire retardants. All Sleeptek mattresses and toppers are wrapped with quilting using dense organic wool layers which allows our products to pass all American and Canadian bedding regulations.

Can I order raw materials only?

Unfortunately, we do not sell raw materials.

How should I proceed if I think there is a warranty issue?

If you find your mattress to be defective, please contact the authorized dealer who sold you the mattress. They will assist you in determining the issues and solutions. If the authorized dealer is not in business anymore, please contact Sleeptek’s customer service directly via email or telephone. They will require proof of purchase and pictures of the defects. Our customer service representative will help you find the best solutions to resolve the issue.

Do your mattresses or accessories off-gas?

There’s no chemical off-gassing from any of Sleeptek’s bedding products. However, natural materials can have a natural scent that some individuals might react to.

Can I order a custom size mattress?

Yes you can. All mattresses produced at Sleeptek are handmade so custom sizes are possible. Certain limitations are to be expected, and custom fees may be applied to your order.

Can you make cradle-sized mattresses?

To ensure the complete safety of your baby, Sleeptek only manufactures standard crib size mattresses for infants. Cradle sizes are not part of our product line, unfortunately.

If I don’t buy a foundation with my mattress, what is the proper way to support the mattress without compromising its performance?

All mattresses manufactured by Sleeptek must be supported by a firm and breathable base to ensure compliance and not to void the mattress’ warranty. Firmness is important to ensure proper alignment of the mattress. Any organic mattress requires full breathability. If you support your organic mattress with a solid platform, there’s a chance that mold could grow over time, and this won’t be covered under our warranty.

Is your wool moisture pad waterproof? If not, why not?

Our wool moisture pad is not waterproof, but water resistant. If a spill occurs, the liquid will sit on top of pad for up to 4 hours, allowing you the chance to remove the pad and wash it. Keep in mind that your organic crib mattress needs to breathe; therefore placing a waterproof pad on it would prevent it from breathing properly.

How should I have the foundation set up?

Your Sleeptek foundation should be set up with the firm slated support on the topside, and the hollow side at the bottom. If you require further assistance, please contact your local dealer or Sleeptek’s customer service.

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