Why Sleeptek?

It takes a lot more than a good night’s sleep to feel rested. It takes a high-quality mattress made with the best organic materials crafted by hand, based on your personal comfort preferences. You’ll feel the difference the very first night.


We travel the world to find the best organic materials available and we work with them by hand to ensure each one of their unique qualities stands out.

Handcrafted Sleep

The ability to create something beautiful by hand is the mark of true craftsmanship. Since 1985 our expert hands have crafted thousands of mattresses. Every mattress and sleep accessory we make uses the best materials in the world to give you the best night’s sleep.


Our Team

We work hard every day so you wake up every morning feeling rested and at your best. Our over 30 years of experience prove our commitment to crafting high-quality mattresses and accessories.

Sleeptek Team

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Let’s work together to give your clients the best sleep of their lives.

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